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Percius cluster

Galaxy Clusters, Perseus Cluster

This image was generated by selecting a point from one of the “bays”, on the INSIDE of the Mandelbrot Set. Instead of one galaxy shape or field it seems to be generating five of them. You will notice that the configuration of this cluster is very similar to the configuration of galaxies in the famous Perseus Cluster.

Here is another, even more complicated “field” which seems to produce a cluster of “galaxy looking” shapes.

Fractal Galaxy Cluster

When I first generated THIS image, I thought that my computer had crashed because it was taking so long for it to reach “loop singularity”. Two or three minutes later, this image appeared. Compare that with an image I found on the Internet of a galaxy cluster or string of galaxies that looks very similar to this “fractal dynamic field”.

Real Galaxy Cluster

Here is another obscure dynamic that I generated that closely matches a large-scale structure found in the real universe, one that is very difficult to reproduce via the standard model of the universe.

Obscure Dynamic

Here’s a deep field hubble picture.

Here’s one of mine.

Fractal Star Field

(and another) Is it live or is it Memorex?

Fractal Star Field