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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

What about dark matter? How does that fit into my model. Dark matter was postulated to account for evidence of “missing mass” in the universe. It is believed to play a central role in structure formation and galaxy evolution. In other words, the mass that we SEE is not enough to explain the formation and structure of our universe.

Well, dark matter need not exist in my model.

In my model, strange attractors cause matter to “self organize” into the various complex shapes of stars and galaxies. It is the strange attractor that continues to bind these things together over time.

That is why galaxies rotate the way they do (as seen in the flat rotation curve of galaxies in the above image), because the black hole strange attractor is “binding” the galaxy together as if it were one unit and so it rotates as “one”, contrary to Standard Model predictions which require something called Dark Matter to exist in order to model this behaviour.

That is also why galaxy clusters don’t fly apart as the standard model would have them do, because the complex strange attractor that caused the galaxy cluster to form in the first place, is binding it together in that configuration over time. No dark matter required.