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Mandelbrot Set II

The Equation

The equation of the Mandelbrot Set is really one of the simplest equations that you can write down. In fact, it is even simpler than Einstein’s equation e = mc2 which has three terms (E, M, and C) whereas the equation Z = Z2 + C only has two terms (Z and C).

You will also notice (in the case of the Mandelbrot Set equation)… that Z is on both sides of the equation. What this means is that the output of the EQUATION… is being fed back INTO the EQUATION… thus setting up a positive feedback loop or system. It is this feedback system that gives rise the endless variety of forms and images that I will be presenting to you.

The Mandelbrot Set has been described as the most complex object in mathematics. It has been proven to be the absolute maximum space filling curve possible in 2+ dimensions. It is said that, if its boundary were even one QUANTA more curved inward on itself… … it would HAVE TO overlap thus popping into the third dimension.