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Center of the Universe

Mandelbrot Set

All this talk about negative energy is actually beyond the scope of this presentation. The main point that I wanted to make here is that HisStory has sometimes taken a WRONG turn due to peer pressure or adherence to dogma or both.

At one point in history we thought the world was flat. We were wrong.

At one point in history we thought that the universe revolved around the earth. We were wrong.

We were wrong so many times in history that it makes me wonder what else we are wrong about. Did the Big Bang really happen? Is the universe really expanding? Does matter really create black holes?

We must be allowed to question these things. We must not accept the current Standard Model as the god given gospel truth, because given our history, we are bound to be WRONG.

Next, I am going to talk about another equation, the simplest and the most beautiful equation you could possibly write down:


Otherwise known as The Mandelbrot Set