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For thousands of years, mankind has been fascinated by the beauty and mystery of nature and the universe. We persistently pursue truth, knowledge and understanding and we “fiercely” insist that god exists. Our curiosity about the universe seems to be the driving force behind our progress and evolution. Of course we all know that CURIOSITY killed cat…or was that Schrodinger? I guess we’ll never know ;-)

What I do know…is that the universe appears to be a very complicated place. It's especially complicated when you try to look at the math that's involved in figuring it all out: quantum mechanics, relativity, string theory, loop quantum gravity, magnetohydrodynamics etc., it boggles the mind (literally). In fact, given the apparent complexities of our universe, it seems almost impossible that it (or we) should exist at all.

Today I'm going to present to you my own GUT (Grand Unified Theory) of the universe, only my theory suggests that a universe is easy to create, not hard; that the universe and all its elements (if there is such a thing) are created or generated using a very simple set of rules and that these rules are expressed through a single equation:



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